We believe that marketing has changed and that marketers need a better way to find ambassadors, turn customers into advocates, and grow passionate brand communities.



That’s why we have built a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and Key Opinion Customer (KOC) Relation Management platform.



What is a KOL/KOC Relationship Management (KRM) platform?



KRM combines AI-driven marketing technology, CRM-like features, social listening analytics with automated community, and campaign management capabilities.



What that means in plain English is; we help brands identify those customers that are most excited about their brands, aggregate these individuals into communities, then layer on tools to manage and communicate with them.



We are giving brands the ability to easily build and control brand-owned private partnership channels, which are made up of individuals who have a real impact on sales—the top 1% of brand advocates.



We believe that the relationships brands create and maintain with the KOLs and KOC that love them are the most valuable communication channels a brand can possess.



Our turnkey solution does the heavy relationship management lifting for brands that want to create communities of their top voices.